Teach, Entertain, Socialize, Share™, these are the principles of information behind all the content produced by Lanier Interactive. These principles will produce truly engaging, informative, interactive entertaining media, that will bring people together and allow them to discuss and share the original media content created by Lanier Interactive.
Everything we produce will begin with the questions “What do we want to teach?
What method do we use to teach?” Our
goal is to produce informative content.
We will keep your interest and make sure your entertained. Sometimes you wont even know your being educated do to our unique entertainment concepts and style.
Our goal is to use the content we produce
to bring people together. We want them to socialize and discuss the media produced
by Lanier Interactive. This socialization is
the catalyst for our last principle share.
Knowledge is the power to make things happen and we want people to share the knowledge and information provided. We will provide unique creative sharing tools facilitating productive sharing of information.