Lanier Interactive was born out of a love for media
production and entertainment. Our media background comes from our founder Daneal Lanier's first company Stickman
Design, Stickman Design is a full service media production company, producing everything from graphic design to video production. Stickman has done work for such clients as Electric Learning Products, National Forensics Science Technology Center, Department Of Justice, Meadow Brook Golf,
and IT Authorities.

Lanier Interactive will adapt this knowledge, expertise and
unique management style of Stickman Design, to create its
own original media content. Our goal is to produce a global portfolio of entertaining informative media based content. The Lanier Interactive collection of media will target; web,
publishing, television, movies, mobile and live events.
Each of these targets is based on our principles of innovation Teach Entertain Socialize Shareâ„¢. Lanier Interactive will becomea hub of information and interactive content.

Media Produced