Teach Entertain Socialize Shareâ„¢, these are the principles of information behind all the content produced by Lanier Interactive. The LI R&D team is always developing new media ideas and concepts based on these principles. Our content spans across all forms of media from websites to magazines to movies to DVDs and all things in between. Lanier Interactive continues to work hard on its goal of becoming a global developer of informative, entertaining, interactive, media content.
Them-Us is an internet based talk show about relationships; it brings together a panel of men and women as guest for each show. The guests are posed topic questions from the shows host and co-host. The questions are based on common issues all couples may face in relationships. The site also contains video interviews, relationship parodies, and comic strips. http://www.them-us.com
Dropping The Knowledge
Dropping The Knowledge is an Interactive magazine, based on giving people the knowledge to change their lives or make informed educated decisions. DTK will achieve this through video interviews, articles, blogs and various online formats. Dropping The Knowledge content will also be distributed via our website, podcasts and mobile devices. http://www.droppingtheknowledge.com